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Review of Swallowed by a Secret from IndieReader

As the children’s novel SWALLOWED BY A SECRET by Risa Nyman opens, Rocky Casson is certain there is something about his dad’s recent death that he is not being told. Why else would his mom be yanking him out of middle school to move them to a new location without even waiting until a break in the school year? And there are other clues…like the whispered, tearful conversations he keeps catching her have behind his back alluding to his father dying of something other than a heart that stopped. Not thrilled about having to abruptly leave all of his friends and soccer teammates behind, the main character of this charming middle reader decides to take matters into his own hands. Lucky for him a social studies teacher at the new school assigns him imaginative, irrepressible Olive as a study partner…and Olive is just the right person to help Rocky get to the bottom of what’s going on.

...this is a heartfelt book worth reading.Invoking an air of secrecy along with a young boy’s potential first love as he moves towards becoming a man, SWALLOWED BY A SECRET written by Risa Nyman is an appealing page-turner that takes a look at worthy issues.~C.S. Holmes for IndieReader

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