Tentative Title for the sequel:


Rocky and Olive are back with a lot of new characters and settings. The stand-alone sequel to Swallowed by a Secret begins a year later when Rocky and Olive, now 13, are psyched for eighth grade graduation, but once again, life throws Rocky a giant curve ball when his mom unloads a major (bad) surprise. 


Olive promises to help Rocky derail his mom's plans, and together they look for evidence to convince Rocky's mom she is about to make a huge mistake for her and Rocky.


When Rocky suddenly has to shift gears and forgo his plans for summer soccer camp, his life once again is in a tailspin. He heads off to a writing program in New Hampshire, and his problems mount.


He is accused of sabotage and cheating at the program and has to find a way to save his reputation, but instead he must save his injured roommate.

Copyright 2020 by Risa Nyman