publication date: August 17, 2021 by Immortal Works

A family change might destroy you, unless you destroy it first.


This stand-alone sequel to Swallowed by a Secret begins about a year later when Rocky, now 13, is psyched for eighth grade graduation, summer soccer camp and high school. He is back on track and life is great until his mom unloads a major (bad) surprise.  Now, all Rocky can think about it how to convince her that her plan to remarry is just wrong. Couldn't she wait four years until he goes to college?


Rocky wants to drop-kick Ted, the wannabe stepdad, with a devil’s beard and constantly moving ominous eyebrows, to the other side of the world and as usual turns to his girlfriend Olive to help him figure out how to do that.  They plot their line of attack, but a series of strange accidents and events spook Rocky who assumes they are the result of Ted’s evil powers. 

When Rocky is forced to change his summer plans and attend a writing program in New Hampshire, Ted finagles a way to go with him. There, Ted uses his dark magic to sabotage one of Rocky's roommates and leave Rocky to take the blame.


As Rocky fights for his reputation, the battle between Rocky and Ted becomes epic and dangerous. 

Copyright 2020 by Risa Nyman