Risa was born in Boston and lived within ten miles of the city until 2019 when she moved to the neighboring Ocean State. If you want to hear an authentic Boston accent listen to the audio clip.  People often ask her to repeat a word just to hear it again. Risa wears her accent as a badge of loyalty to her birthplace.  


Here's an audio clip: 


Risa has been an aspiring middle grade author for about six years after a strange event that involved three pennies led her to take a deep dive into creative writing, which is now a priority and passion ⏤ unless grandchildren are nearby. At other times, you might find Risa reading, exercising or doing therapeutic ironing.  More about my writing journey in the Blog.

Risa has worked as Executive Director and President of the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts and Chair of the Diversity Implementation Task Force for the League of Women Voters of the U.S. This organization is dedicated to making democracy work. The nonpartisan League is the only direct descendant of the National Woman’s Suffrage Association and will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2019, the year women got the right to vote. 


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The Bay State

Boston's famous Citgo sign  

The Green Monster at Fenway Park

The Charles River between Boston and Cambridge

The Ocean State