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The Book Cover Spooked by a Suspicion.jpg

Available formats: Kindle and Paperback

Spooked by a Suspicion

publication 2021 by Immortal Works

One major life change should be the limit for a kid.  

        ~Rocky’s theory


Homemade cinnamon buns and great news go together, except when they don’t. For thirteen-year-old Rocky the gooey sweetness morphs into a bitter taste when it accompanies his mom’s a shocking announcement that she plans to marry Ted, a dude with a devil’s beard, ominous eyebrows in constant motion, and black, beady eyes.  


Rocky partners with his girlfriend Olive who is a master plotter of plots to find ways to pull the plug on this marriage but when he experiences a series of unusual accidents, he is spooked that Ted is really an evil wizard capable of black magic.


But as Rocky prepares his accusations against Ted, he finds himself falsely accused of being a cheat and prankster at his summer writing program. Now before Rocky can expose Ted in an epic showdown, he must fight to clear his own name.

2022 Honorable Mention - Growing Pains
2022 Honorable Mention - Family Matters

2021 Indies Today Semi-Finalist

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