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Reviews for Spooked by a Suspicion


"The conflict between Rocky and Ted is a relatable one, and the boy's wild flights of imagination will likely entertain young readers. A fast-paced middle-grade novel that successfully provides a lesson about trust.”
 ~Kirkus Reviews


"Spooked by a Suspicion is a fast-paced sequel with mystery, drama and heart. Nyman's storytelling skills are complemented by her keen ability to paint realistic characters. Rocky is impulsive and immature, but full of spunk and good intentions. Olive is sassy and bossy, just how I remember myself as a young teen girl. The life lessons are subtle but steady as Rocky comes to grips with his new situation."
~Indies Today

Spooked by a Suspicion is beautifully written with an array of interesting characters.. This story contains many real-life scenarios that most people endure at some point, but fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel as the author takes us through the process that Rocky must experience in his own life. The story is suspenseful and exciting from beginning to end.
~Reader's Favorite


Filled with mystery and humor, Spooked by a Suspicion is a delight! Rocky's story pulls readers in with relatable themes of grief and changing family dynamics wrapped around a summer camp adventure. A perfect read for super sleuths and creative kids.
~Lisa Stringfellow, author of A Comb of Wishes


At the beginning of the story, he finds out his mom is marrying this guy named Ted. Now you've probably heard the mom-marries-what's-his-face story before, but Ted comes off as suspicious. Bad things keep happening to Rocky every time he and Ted talk, and when he finds out he'll be trapped at a summer writing program with Ted, Rocky teams up with his sleuth girlfriend, Olive, to find out the truth about Ted, and Rocky plots to show his mom just how evil Ted is.

I loved this novel because usually when I read the mom remarrying trope/story, you get realistic fiction, but this one is mystery, so it was refreshing. I laughed when Rocky realized he didn't even know Ted's last name yet. I'd also love to see some fan art of Rocky in what he's wearing at the end of the book. I almost cried when Ted revealed his secret as well.
This book was a great read!


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